The best IT solution is yet to be developed

We are Nethouse, IT and management consultants whose specialty is the development of successful solutions that are critical to our clients unique business operations.  We have the knowledge and dedication necessary to make a real difference.

Arguably the most important keystone in building a successful cooperative business relationship is a keen understanding of our clients unique operations. We excel by using our various proficiencies – from strategy to technology and system development – to create business solutions founded on a deep knowledge of our customers. We harness advanced technology to develop systems and solutions that prove to be smarter, more effective and more lucrative.

The services we offer at Nethouse can be categorized into four interdependent business areas:

  • Management and strategy
  • Business intelligence and business development
  • Customized operational systems
  • Infrastructure and operations

Our offices in Borlänge, Linköping,  Örebro and Karlskoga, Sweden employ approximately 160 highly competent individuals, dedicated to your long-term success. Nethouse Sverige Ltd. is a part of CombinedX.