SolarWinds adds tools for databases

Postat av Thomas Löfstrand on 9. juni 2021


Six months ago SolarWinds bought SentryOne and put a big step forward towards becoming the biggest player in Database Performance Management. Now we are starting to see the fruit of that acquisition. SolarWinds are adding several products to their portfolio with tools from SentryOne, now matched to existing SolarWinds products in a new format.


First up, SQL Sentry. The flagship of SentryOne. For performance monitoring of MS SQL databases with fast root cause analysis, both on ground or in the cloud.




Can’t choose between old Database Performance Analyzer and SQL Sentry? Take them both in the bundle. Here is a link to database Insights for SQL Server. Get the best from them both.


SolarWinds Database Mapper

Do you want to know how data is related and avoid to manually document the data structure? Do you want the data in a searchable format? Then you should try SolarWinds Database Mapper!





SolarWinds Task Factory lets you connect to dozens of different types of data sources, such as SharePoint, Salesforce, REST, ftp and more. Create your SSIS packages with over 60 new components that makes your data warehousing ELT/ETL task smooth and fast without a lot of coding.




New free tool

And of course – there is a new free tool as well: SolarWinds DBA xPress. A bundle of several small tools – Automate Comparisons, Schema Inspector, Data Inspector, Data Surf, Schema Surf, Data Space Analyzer and Object Browser. A nice-to-have package for any DBA, try it out – it’s free!




Do you want any assistance? Nethouse is here to help. We got SQL developers, BI experts and a full team of expert SQL DBA’s.